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To make a large collection of trails so that people will not have to search for hours to find this information.

Who Can Post Reviews
Anyone can post a review to this site.
I am happy to post your review even if there is already a review for that trail. Multiple reviews gives readers a better idea of what the trail is like. It is also very easy for me to do multiple reviews because I already have a lot of the information.
I am also happy to post reviews for trails that are easy. Most of us start out in a stock 4wd and sometimes a 2wd, so these trails are still very useful to some readers.

Just your time, and having to put up with me.

The information and pictures must be yours!
I am NOT willing to have stolen information on this site.
I do not want pictures of you driving off trail unless it is allowed in that area.
I do not want pictures of you driving on private property unless public access is granted by the owner. This generally includes utilities, Logging companies, etc..
Basically if you are not allowed to drive there do not submit a review for it. I do not support that activity as it closes our trails and generally gives us a bad name.
Keep the pictures within reason, I do not get offended easy and most of the people that will be viewing this site will be old enough to deal with it, but please use common sense.

Who Owns The Reviews
If you submit the review you own it. It is your information and pictures not mine.
If you want to edit or delete your review you can because it is yours.
Your review will not be edited if the new content falls under the above restrictions.

Quality Control
The author does not have direct access to their page. It would only take one person to register 20 usernames and post up junk to make a huge mess of the site.
Currently I ask people for their information and pictures. Then I research the trail that is being worked on and can normally find information that confirms the authors information is correct. This also makes it unnecessary for the author to provide me with some of the information saving him/her time. Then I make their review(s), if their review needs corrections or updates all they need to do is email me.
This gives me control of what goes on the site and will hopefully lead to lots of accurate information without all the junk. Unfortunately the process takes longer but as the site grows I think it will be worth it.

Time Limit
I do this in my spare time and I do not make any money from this site it actually costs me $4.29 a month. I am just a lowly construction worker that happens to program computers for a hobby.
I can normally edit the information on your review within a few days, however things do come up that take blocks of my time such as working on my junk 4runner, camping, fishing, etc.. I also understand that the author has a life so there is no time limit on when the review has to be finished. I plan on working on this site until at least 2019 so there is not a big hurry.
Once we start to work on your review and I do not hear from you, I will send you a message about once a month asking if you would like to continue working on the review. If you no longer want to work on the review it is ok, I will not have my feelings hurt. PLEASE just let me know so that I do not waste my time filling your inbox.

Basically a temporary page is created and we work on your review until you are happy with it.
If you would like to add a category to your review to display more information you are welcome to do so.
Once your review is finished I post it to the main menu so the public can find it easily.

Information I always need
Author Your user name and a link to your name (Such as a link to your build thread on The link that your name points to is how I know who owns the review. This link can point to any web page that represents the author.
Description In your words what you liked about the trail and how it was.
Pictures I wrote a program in php to auto post the pictures which saves a lot of time programming and I have lots of disk space on the server. So you are welcome to post as many pictures as you like.

Information I may ask you for
Year What year(s) you ran the trail
Trail Open If you know what months the trail is open
Difficulty How hard was the trail (1-10) Please view the rating system
Location Some times I need pointed in the right direction
Fishing Did you catch any fish
Camping Is there camping on the trail or near the trail

Information I rarely need

If this all sounds good you can contact me by e-mail.

I need help from you to keep these reports accurate.
If you find a trail report that is not accurate please let me know so that I can change it.

This site will always remain free with no banners and other annoying junk.